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I, like so many others, am a novelist struggling for recognition. In Her Mother's Shoes was published in June - available through Amazon, B&N and iPad, e-book (only $2.99!) as well as paperback. Autumn Colors was my first. Right now I'm working on a third novel, currently titled Transitions. My writings are mostly women's fiction, but Transitions takes a step into science fiction, with a romantic twist. My website is, currently under re-construction. Come visit me in December 2014!


Well, it’s official! After managing a final 4,618 words between yesterday and today, I took Transitions to a rough completion and exceeded the 50,000 word requirement by 1,552. See my certificate: NaNoWriMo-2014-Winner-Certificate. The writing is rough, and the ending in … Continue reading

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I’m often surprised by the number of people who ask me where I get my ideas for novels. To me, they come naturally – life experiences, special people, news stories – ideas are everywhere. For example, the idea for my first novel, … Continue reading

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@NaNoWriMo As of today, 15,133 words since Nov 1 toward my 50,000! I think I can really do this!

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Great review of In Her Mother’s Shoes

Okay, so I didn’t win the WD Self Published Book Competition. But I felt like a winner when I received this evaluation of In Her Mother’s Shoes: 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards Entry Title In Her Mother’s Shoes … Continue reading

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@ NaNoWriMo Yikes – hoping for a couple of quieter days the rest of this week. Only 1472 words today:-(. Need another marathon writing day.

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As expected, zero words yesterday. Today

As expected, zero words yesterday. Today will be different. Goal 2500 words minimum (yeah, plus my paying job).

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@NaNoWriMo My real job and a sick puppy kept today’s word count to 1706. Tomorrow maybe 0 based on schedule. Still moving right way!

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